We hope that we will be able to answer some of your questions about business coaching. We will attempt to give you some of the fundamentals and distinctions about coaching, i.e. Life Coaching , Business Coaching & Professional Coaching. Our intention is to instruct you on how to become the type of person that is destined to create a new level for human kind, make a difference in peoples’ lives and cause an inspiring new future for generations to come. Have fun Roger St-Aubin Public Speaker, Alpha Leadership Trainer & Business Coach


Innovative solutions & strategies

You are looking for a speaker that will ensure the success of your team meeting, your association or business meeting? We are a group of speakers, trainers and coaches that will help people to think and reflect on the long-term impact in your organization. Our concepts will challenge you to develop a new attitude with your team. With over 100 presentations in Quebec, Ontario and the United States to his credit. We have charismatic, motivating and exciting speakers . We have a wealth of expertise in the field of leadership, management and innovation. We are driven by the desire to inspire people and to be an example for future generations. Our sessions provide solutions both innovative and realistic that can be implemented the next day! The success of a team depends on the individual qualites and capacity of each member. The challenge for the leader is to make them work towards the same direction. It is through commitment and increased responsibility that these solutions are integrated, allowing the company to grow. All sessions are interactive and experiential. We want to touch and provoke new thoughts so that you experience something sustainable. You will leave with new strategies, organisationnal habits and simple personal practices.

Coaching Services

  • New organisationnal & team culture
  • Executive Coaching
  • Improve your Leadership style
  • Strategic planning
  • Project management
  • Emotional Intelligence … at work
  • Be an effective manager/coach
  • Coaching on demand

Training & Workshops

You want to increase efficiency, be innovative in your project, fostering a new team and business culture , increase sales, develop your emotional intelligence, improve your leadership and communication style, learn about “Alpha Leadership”, and get new customers … Call now at 866.467.5440.




mardi 12 juillet 2011