Alpha Leadership

A champion team begins with a great leader !

What does Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Gandhi and others have in common ? They are “Alpha Leader”!

As part of the Alpha Leadership curriculum, participants learn the benefits of practicing Quality Assurance over quality control, causing, responsibility, the characteristics of the Alpha Leader, and learn the fundamentals of a time-tested personal directional tool called CPRA&P (Context – Purpose – Results – Actions – Practices).

More importantly, most graduates will return with a significantly greater context, a higher sense of personal purpose, and new capabilities by which to lead and contribute within their lives. What is an Alpha leader? Alpha Leaders hold great vision, forge responsibility, assure quality, and cause results. Alpha Leaders move others to higher levels of accomplishment. It is a combination of two elements: Alpha, in this context means “First” and the word Leadership means “at cause”…the one to cause. It’s about giving the world a leader who is willing and able to take the lead and cause something unpredictable and surprising. The Alpha Leader is one who provides, creates what is coming, and inspires people to raise their level of thought, choice and action so that our species can be proud. They are the J. Armand Bombardier, Terry Fox, David Suzuki, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King and all those men and women who still influence our ideas and our actions today.

« An Alpha Leader is the one that provides what is coming, and inspire others to improve the quality and performance of our species.” – Howard Lagardé

Unlike the Alpha Female or Alpha Male of a unit, the Alpha Leader loves to win and cause the greatest good in others, they are not pushovers…ask their opposers about Churchill, Gandhi, King, Mother Teresa, Bono, Mark Zuckerberg, J. K. Rowling,  Guy Laliberté, Bill Gates, and any of the others your mind would think of who have moved our species, built a company, or led a family to it’s finest hours. Neither are they oppressors: They do not seek to control. Instead, they cause results for the betterment of their group Our primary role is to inspire your teams and your employees. How to serve and lead by example?!? How many times have you had a good plan, but have struggled to mobilize your employees. Even worse, you are at the mercy of your suppliers and circumstances. Sometimes even wondering how to influence their behaviors and attitudes are beyond your control. This is the issue of any entrepreneur, executive and manager.

You will discover

  • New habits to practice so that you develop and improve your style of leadership;
  • A different way to manage people, projects and results;
  • How to combine managment & leadership to garantee the success of your team and business;
  • Why Alpha Leaders accomplish more – in less time (go from change to growth mode);
  • How to accelerate your accomplishements and the ones of your team
  • Become an inspiring person with a great vision and daily winning pratices.

During this conference you will gain a better understanding of the possibilities available to you in terms of personal development. Duration : 1 ½ to 3 hours We adjust the content according to your needs and issues. Our conferences, our training, our workshops and business coaching are available in French and English. Tell your friends about us! Ask for one of our s conferences! Call us at 514.953.4134

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