The 4 leadership archetypes

A leader is coherent, gives the example…helps growth!

A championship team, begins with a great leader!

A great leader is measured by his vision, his courage, his sense of reality, and his ethics and commitment to others. A championship team is made ​​up of individuals who are competent, enthusiastic and effective, focused on accomplishing a single mission: “To win the game!”

It is essential in the years to come to know the characteristics of good management that make a successful business or a championship team, as well as inspires and make our work environment pleasant, functional and a place where everyone wins.

You will discover

  • The characteristics of world leaders
  • The four archetypes of a mature leader
  • What emotions steal your power and usefulness
  • Some basic concepts of Emotional Intelligence at work
  • The overview of the twelve efficiency strategies
  • One of the seven components of success
  • Practical tools to win

Our commitment to this conference is clear: to create, within hours, an immediate and lasting positive impact from the leaders!

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mardi 12 juillet 2011


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