Are you a “Player or Spectator”?

What is the key for people who are successful? Who are the winners? What do they know that we don’t?

Some people establish themselves in the role of victim/spectator. The benefit that can be found in this kind of attitude/behavior is that they can be pitied and can continue to feel sorry for themselves. It gives them the right to complain and blame others. But those who choose to remain in the role of victim cannot grow and prosper. Take charge!

 “Whoever wants to do something finds a way, those who do not…find excuses.”
– Chinese Proverb

Sometimes it is necessary to be “stimulated” … just to realize that what happens to us is often the result of our attitudes and behavior. The sad thing is that there are many more spectators than players in our businesses. It is almost a hobby that everyone can do! But it is a loss to deprive yourself of playing a great game. You can fully express your potential, your talents and imagination!

Being responsible is to be consistent, coherent and accept all the experiences we encounter. Your life has been made ​​so far of wins and losses, so accept all of them.

Yes at one point in our lives, we were victims of someone or a situation, event, sometimes even unconsciously. Some are victims of circumstances they do not control, but they react responsibly. In which category do you fit: Victim or Responsible?

Remember ;             “Having pain is normal… Suffering is optional !
                                     Changing is inevitable…Growing is intentional ! “
– Unknown source

When we ask the question: “What do you want? “Many of us start with what they do not want. Good start but it’s still light years away from your ultimate goal. So I’d like you to consider that where you put your attention, is where you will get the result.
So what is the key to people who are successful? Who are the winners? What are the different beliefs that they have?

You need to know what you want. Like Michael Jordan, basketball player. Whatever your game, you need to know how to mark. Keep your eyes on the prize. Do not lose sight of it. When your mind is confused, it is important to focus again. You need to know what you want. Like Michael Jordan or Oprah Winfrey, these two people had their eyes on the prize. They knew who they were, what they could do, and most importantly, what they wanted. Perseverance was the key to success that allowed them to win.

It is so common to set goals. I bet there are very few people who do not know how. I’d also bet, however, that there are thousands of people who are good at setting goals but rarely see them through to become accomplished and feel satisfied with their lives.
What’s going on? Why do we give up? We talk really well and then sit on our laurels. The jargon you know? Sometimes we even let go of our passion, and become a spectator, admiring or becoming jealous of others. Ho ! but we do have excellent advice for others. Have you noticed that we rarely follow through on it ourselves ? Have you noticed how easy it is? … So bright on our part ?… When we evaluate and criticize someone else?

So either you play the game! or you sit in the stands! It’s really your choice and up to you. Which one do you want to take on? Player or spectator?!?  

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mardi 12 juillet 2011


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