Sales & Business Development

Are you connected on the abondance frequency ? Do you see & capture opportunities?

The question is not “IF” the opportunities are there. They are present for you and me… in fact, they are available to us all. The only thing requested is reach and pick them. However, you should look in the right place, and without blinders or prejudice. We have been ignoring it because our past conditionings and our old habits. We all have a life’s context, a way of being and operating. This context escapes us, because we habe been immersed in it for too long.

The workshop “Sales & Business Development” will help you to clearly & identify the context which is currently operating. This old context gives you the reflexes, automatisms and the results you have. Then, you will be able to create a new level of thinking so that you will take further appropriate actions. You will get new level of accomplishements and success. And this, naturally without force or resistance. Not a technic or methods to borrow here. Just a very powerful and liberating insight.

You will discover

  • The life’s habits that stops you;
  • Why willingness is not enough to get out of survival mode;
  • How contol rubs you from the greattest opportunities;
  • Cause a life well lived;
  • How to attrack the best people and prospects;
  • The winner’s practices


Our purpose is to give you information to help you develop new and useful skills necessary to bring out the best in you.


“I was able to significantly increase my sales from 20% to 80% of closed sales … his wise tips & strategies have helped me and helped restore the company. It has grown by 20% since its turnover (instead of a decrease). ”
– Normand Pépin, G.M. Médicorp Inc.

“I have my antennas on the abondance’s frequency. ”
– Isabelle Dion., Financial planner

“More then excellent,I give you the prefect note of 110% ”
– Line Courtemanche, Entrepreneur

“My sales numbers incread by five times and my business doubled two years in a row.”
– Gisele Argentin., GA & Associates, Marketing agency

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mardi 12 juillet 2011


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