Customer Relations

Interactive and experiential sessions

At what point do customers make a decison to “NOT” do business with you anymore ?

So we think we know who our customers are: Really? What is important to them? Would it be worth it if we could eliminate all assumptions about their needs and truly understand what is really important to them?

The Customer Relations Workshop engages participants to develop simple business practices and projects, so their actions are directed towards meeting company commitments and objectives. They will also discover what it means to be a “responsible player” so that it will have a significant impact on your customer’s base.

Did you know ?

  • One satisfied customer out of three, tells you but and will rarely tell anyone else!
  • One out of fourteen dissatisfied customers will express their disatisfaction in the form of a complaint. Others won’t formally complaint but will share it with an average of ten other people.
  • The number one cause for customers to stop dealing a company is the feeling of indifference from employees (one contact points of that company).

So if we follow this reasoning, for every satisfied customer that you are aware of there will be more than one hundred who think that there something not working in your business, and you may not even be aware of it. Are you listening? … Really!?

« The reason to be in business is to create customers. »
Peter Drucker

Do you know the “Moments of truth” in your business ?

A moment of truth is a time, for a customer to make a choice (not necessarily conciously) to return or not and continue do business with your company or not. You also need to know that there are critical moments that can make it or break it…Do you know them?

A moment of truth occurs when the customer comes into contact with a product, an employee or a procedure of your company at wich point form their opinions about the quality of service they receive. It is ALL these contact points between your clients and your employees (or products) which make up the string of all these “Moments of Truth”. Although they are all important to the customer experience, there are some that are critical. An area in wich unfortunatly don’t spend enough time, is the assessment of customer complaints (Critical Success Factors).

You will discover

  • How your customers experience your business?
  • Moments of Truth and review the client’s cycle 
  • What are your Critical Moments? Where are we blowing it? 
  • Stop being “OK”  – Start giving “V.I.P. Service”
  • The seven steps to a “WOW factor”
  • What is an important customer?
  • How customer complaints are a “GIFT” and an opportunity  
  • Code of ethics …Reinventing the customer service culture
  • Tips and tricks

Our intentions

  • Transforming the way you see, listen and serve clients
  • How to clarly share your passion trough enthusiasm and optimism
  • Creating simple business practices that have an impact on Client Retention
  • How to develop a competitive advantage


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